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Traffic congestion and excess demand for parking are two of the key challenges of our time.

The problem is usually described as 'too many cars'.  But each car has a driver, and it was not the cars that decided to be there.

At the same time, most cars are there with unused capacity: one, two, or three empty seats.

So lets restate the problem as 'too many drivers', and find out how to help drivers become passengers more of the time, using the empty capacity and leaving some cars behind.

Most people understand the broad range of benefits we would all gain if we could achieve this, especially where we restore persistently free flowing traffic.

For those who drive alone to work or school every day, if they rode as a passenger (in a bus, van, or car that will make the trip anyway) just one day a week, there would be 20% less work and school traffic during peak - enough to get rid of the worst of the congestion and excess parking demand in most cities.

Our newest initiative goes a step further: As well as achieving those reductions, for them to be persistent, lasting change we need to better understand how to lock-in those reductions. To bring appropriate focus to this objective we propose to create the Road Decongestion Lab. To learn more about this proposal please click here.

Welcome, and please join with the Ridesharing Institute to help start a conversation, influence policy, and carry out applied research to increase passengership rates around the world.

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